Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Traditional rainwater storage through Rain Barrels.

Rain barrels are large containers used to collect rain water. Rain water is being increasingly stored for use in gardens flushes and other non potable usage. Water resources are dwindling and one of the methods of preserving water is by conserving and collecting rain water for non drinking purposes. Rain barrels are available commercially made of steel stainless steel plastic fiberglass and concrete. Home made rain barrels out of earthen pots or wood to go with the overall effect of the landscape are preferred by some. Decorative water barrels with faux wood exteriors are also available to give a quaint effect to the exterior of a house. To get potable water a mesh placed around the mouth of the rainwater barrel will filter the water. Collecting rain water through rain barrels is an old fashioned technique of water conservation that never goes out of fashion. Wodden rain barrels

Rain barrels

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