Friday, December 26, 2008

Water Conservation in your own home

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Water sustains life and water conservation is not only necessary for individual comfort but as a service for humanity as a whole. Water conservation begins at home. You should look around your own home for ways to conserve water. You should use low water usage fittings in the toilets and kitchen and install recycling units for water conservation in your own home.

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Drip irrigation is the best form of irrigation for water conservation in the garden and watering should be done before 10 am in the morning and after 8 pm at night. For the lawn a variety of turf grass that requires less water than others should be chosen. For water conservation in your laundry you should use the low water setting and turn the machine on only when there is a full load of clothes. You should plug the sink when you wash dishes to rinse dishes rather than rinse them under the tap for better water conservation at home. You need to change your lifestyle to a very small extent and achieve optimum water conservation in your home. see more..

Rain barrel planter

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